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A Dutch Louis Seize Sideboard "Klapbuffet"

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A Dutch Louis Seize Sideboard "Klapbuffet"

A Dutch Louis Seize Sideboard "Klapbuffet"

The protruding front is decorated with marquetry of a shell motive. Together with the adjacent panels they form the two doors of the buffet. The corpus rests upon tapered legs that end in bronze spheres. The corners are decorated with columns that end in gilt bronze Corinthian capitals. The top is decorated with a shell-motive. When the top is turned up, a pewter basin appears. The mahogany panels on either side can be extended to the sides to enlarge the workspace.

This sideboard is typical for the Dutch furniture. Nowhere else in Europe were these ‘klapbuffetten’ made. This type of multifunctional furniture resembled when closed a commode, but it opens to reveal a basin of pewter, which made it highly suitable for serving meals or to rinse wine-glasses.

This buffet belongs to a group of as yet four buffets which on basis of construction and decoration can be ascribed to one and the same atelier, most likely in the international orientated The Hague.

Dutch private collection
Ca 1790
oak frame veneered with satinwood, tulipwood, sycamore, mahogany and kingwood
90.00 cm. H x 134.00 cm. W x 62.00 cm. D
35.43 in. H x 52.76 in. W x 24.41 in. D
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