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Dans le Dauphiné

Johan Barthold Jongkind

The Netherlands 1819 - France 1891

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Dans le Dauphiné
The Dutch painter Johan Barthold Jongkind is seen as one of the forerunners of Impressionism. He left for France at a young age and his work is an important link in the transition to this style. The impressionist painter Claude Monet counted Jongkind as his teacher and in an interview from 1900, published in Le Temps, Monet said in a retrospect:
"His painting was too new and too artistic to be appreciated in 1862 (the year Monet and Jongkind met for the first time). No one was as modest and withdrawn as he was. He asked if he could see my sketches, invited me to come and work with him, explained the how and why of his method, and thereby completed the lessons I had already received from Eugène Boudin."
Because of his influence on French impressionist painters Jongkind is seen in France as a French master, even though he was born in the Netherlands.
Jongkind possessed an intuitive quality and his mastery lies in the suggestion of light. He made oil paintings in the studio often after drawings and watercolours that he usually created en 'plein-air'. Often Jongkind provided his drawings with a date and the place where he had worked, a valuable source of information for the dating and positioning of his works. On the stretcher of this painting Jongkind has written: "Paysage de St. Eloy par Loire pres de Nevers/Thierre/France - Paris 1874 Jongkind", both pinpointing his French location and explaining that he painted the painting while he was back in Paris. 

V. Hefting, Jongkind, sa vie, sa oeuvre, sa époche, Paris, 1975, p. 250, no. 625 (illustrated)


E.J. van Wisselingh & Co., Amsterdam.
2002-2018 Dutch private collection

Dutch private collection
Oil on canvas
Signed lower right and on the back
42.30 cm. H x 56.50 cm. W
16.65 in. H x 22.24 in. W
Price on request